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Keeping the public informed about the City of Pharr plays in the health and vitality of the local, state and national economy is an important part of the City’s mission. Through various communications efforts, the city’s economic impact, involvement in the community and overall contribution to the quality of life in Pharr and the surrounding region is highlighted.


Through press releases, various publications, and fact sheets found in this section, diverse stakeholders, including the news media, elected officials, business organizations and community leaders and groups are kept apprised of the City’s operations and accomplishments.


In January, 2015, the City of Pharr consolidated and rebranded its media services. This includes operations of the local government channel (Pharr TV12), PharrNOW digital signage system, social media operations and the various websites operated by the City.


All media products of the City are now branded as “Pharr.LIFE” This brand is designed to allow a flow of information from the government body to its citizens and back. We are proud to have put together a tool that allows citizens to interact quickly and socially with its governing body, he added

The new Pharr.LIFE product allows citizens to view live content, previously broadcasted content, have a one stop location for all social media submissions. Further, citizens can submit their pictures, videos and comments directly to the media team for review and publishing to allow citizens to show the world what makes Pharr a special place to them.


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