The Role of a Mayor

What does a mayor do? What is their role in government? Many of us vote for this individual and sometimes don’t know just quite what their position entails.

The role of a mayor extends beyond officiating at council meetings; it includes providing leadership, promoting positive relationships, and demonstrating proper governance.

The mayor is an important community leader for every individual city and is often times considered the spokesperson for the community on numerous issues and concerns such as economic issues. A mayor encourages the public to get involved in the City’s activities and events and leads by example.

The mayor should aid in promoting the city at a local, national and international level. Most importantly a mayor should participate in activities that enhance the economic, social and environmental well being of the city and its residents.

It is not easy being mayor of a city; it is a big responsibility to take on. The City of Pharr has been fortunate enough to have mayors in the past that are passionate and have the same love for the city of Pharr as residents do. The City of Pharr has come a long way since 1909 and it took the hard work of a lot of great individuals to make it happen.

Below is a list of every Mayor that has served the City of Pharr:


1917- G.F. Linesetter

1920- W.E. Cage

1923- W. W Irvine

1926- Van Williams

1928- L. J. Polk

1930- G. JB. Fleming

1935- J. D. Lauck

1940- A. A. Kelly

1947- W. J. Mounts

1948- J. R. Card

1950- J.H Whitten

1954 – E. B Darby

1956- R. S. Bowe

1960- W. S Walters

1962- R.W. Bowe

1972- A.C. Jaime

1976- Quentin E. Newcombe, Jr.

1982- Fidencio R. Barrera

1990- Rubio Salinas, Jr.

1994- Victor Garcia

1998- Ricardo Medina

2002- Leopoldo “Polo” Palacios

2015- Dr. Ambrosio “Amos” Hernandez


Without the hard work and dedication of these individuals, the City of Pharr would not be where it is today and for that we thank and pay gratitude to each one. We are now able to Live, Work and Play in Pharr.



Author: Clarissa Garza