Mel asked 9 months ago

It’s only been a few years that Sugar Road was rebuilt and expanded north of Sioux Road all the way to Owassa… and it’s already sinking in in several sections, you can see the lines and uneven road almost all along the road.  The genius engineers putting the manhole covers in the main lanes have been a big failure. With the road sinking more and more, the manhole covers are up a couple of inches enough so that they damage tires. You can see many drivers swerving to avoid the ones between Eldora and Nolana daily.     I’m sure rebuilding Sugar Road wasn’t cheap, but geez, it was not a good job and it doesn’t look like it’s going to last much longer without some repairs.

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clarissa Staff answered 9 months ago

Thank you for voicing your concern. The City is aware of various isolated areas along Sugar Rd. between Eldora Rd. and Nolana that require pavement maintenance, and will be working with the contractor that is currently doing work in that area to repairs those areas or the road.