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Anonymous asked 6 months ago

Who is in charge of enforcing the Care of Premise ordinance? and what can I do if there is a business near my home that never cleans his property? This is a problem because my neighborhood is pristine with no litter what so ever and this business never cleans up litter that is thrown by his clients. I have seen this on a daily basis. I understand it is the responsibility of the plaza owner, but the businesses renting in the plaza should also be held accountable. I have emailed the city and even called the business owners. They say they can try, but the plaza is not owned by them, so they dont bother. I am tired of getting the run around.

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clarissa Staff answered 6 months ago

Thank you for using the “Ask A Question” feature! The Code Compliance Department would be the department better suited to address this issue. Please contact (956) 402 4000 ext 1503; this department will do what they can to address the issue.