PSJA Tech Club Awarded $5,000 to Create Community IT Engagement Center

Technology presents a huge opportunity for students to utilize new technology to accelerate their learning and critical thinking skills. It has also allowed us to become more interconnected; we are far more responsive to the action and events of our community and those neighboring us. Innovation and technology have become a key element in the development and future of our society. Students at PSJA Memorial Early College High School were given the opportunity to explore real-life issues and ways to address them with the use of technology.

The team submitted a video proposing the Community IT Engagement Center in the tri city area. Through this community center, students will share their IT knowledge with members of the community. This team was one of only six schools across the nation to receive this prize. PSJA and the City of Pharr are proud of the students’ leadership, hard work and dedication that were displayed in this community challenge.

PSJA Memorial Early College High School’s Technology Club was awarded a $5,000 prize after winning the 2017 Ford STEM High School Community Challenge geared for students to create solutions based on regional issues.

The Ford STEM High School Community Challenge was launched to empower students in the nationwide Ford NGL network to put their knowledge to work making positive changes for people in the community.

The City of Pharr Innovation and Technology Department is proud to have collaborated with PSJA Memorial Early College High School and be at the forefront of technology in the Rio Grade Valley. The center will provide students with hands on learning, where they can engage with members of the community to work on joint projects, coding and technology innovations.


Author: Clarissa Garza